• Warrior Cooler (Rotomolded 20QT)

Warrior Cooler (Rotomolded 20QT)


Introducing our first ever Warrior Cooler. Take this with you on any adventure and keep your ice colder for much longer. This was crafted from the ground up with durability in mind. 


T-Rex Lid Latches- Heavy duty rubber latches that are made with patented technology so you will never see a busted latch. 

Interlock Lid System- Created with the elements in mind. This lid system is specifically designed to keep heat out, and cold in. We guarantee that the contents inside will stay colder, longer.

Hauling Handle - Large sway handle that allows for ease of carry. Handle can be in two positions, up or down. 

Failproof Hinge System - Two hinge points that protect the cooler and add durability. 

Bearproof- We designed the cooler to be bear resistant by sealing the contents inside. Our seal that wraps around the lid makes sure that the contents are secure inside. 

Tie Down Slots- We mold the cooler with tie down slots that can be used to tie down the cooler to your truck bed, trailer, or boat. 

Ice Locked Gasket- Gasket that runs around the entire rim of the lid. This creates a seal that is unmatched.

Drain System- Drain system designed for efficiency and ease.

Double Roto Handles- Two handles on each side of the cooler that are rotomolded to allow for ease of carrying, if the hauling handle is not used.

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